Charity Events

A golf outing is a great way to raise money for your small group or organization. We have held golf outings for all kinds of organizations like:

Church Groups
Kid's athletic teams
Service Organizations
Scout troops
School Parent/Teacher groups

Golf Outing Frequently Asked Questions:

How many players do you need for a tournament?

ONLY 40 players are required to host an event at Wolf Hollow. Many courses require a guarantee of 100 or more players in order to have an outing.

How much money can we expect to raise in an event?

Depending on the number of players, the number of donations and the entry fee, a reasonable amount of money can be raised with an event of 40-80 players. Typically an event with 40-60 players could expect to raise $3,000-$5,000 and an event with 60-80 players could expect to raise $4,000-$7,000; the more involvement on the part of the committee, the more money that will be raised for the charity or group.

I don't have a big committee to help. Can I still have a tournament?

Absolutely, that is where Wolf Hollow shines. You solicit players and however many (or few) donors and sponsors you can; register them the day of the event and we can do everything else.

Do we have to buy food and beverages through Wolf Hollow?

No, we allow outside groups to bring in food and donated beverage for a nominal fee.

How much will green fees cost for an event?

Green fees are dependent on the time of day and the day of the week requested. Wolf Hollow provides one of the greatest golf values throughout the entire St. Louis metropolitan area. Whatever time or day you select for your event, your golfers will receive an exceptional quality golf experience for their entry fee.

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